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 About Me

Hi I'm Darren I'm from London, England, 

I like anything active really, never could be a couch potato. Love seeing my mates and socializing in general, I love cooking from scratch (chef'in) and growing my own veg/chilli's

I currently Drive a VW Golf GTI

My birthday is January 17th 

I am currently working as a Senior Systems Engineer for
Currently based on the Trading floor of an investment bank (WestLB) in the city

I previously studied at Kingston University.
I am now a bachelor of science with honours.
I got a 2:1 for my BSc Honours Degree in computer science (with networking).







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 My Grow Your Own Blog
    Since around march 2011 I have been growing my own Fruit and Veg. It was just a bit of fun to start with, got a few free packets of seeds from sutton's through the post and though hay lets plant these and see what happens. So click here for my Blog.


    Since my days in college all the years ago, I have be writing poetry.
Some of it influenced by people/events in my life, some of it just totally random.
So if you fancy it, have a read, and maybe even send me an idea or two.

One of my favorites:
Send a wish tonight

Everyday is a new day when looking from afar.
Everyone can change the world if they wished upon a star.
A star can bring you hope in this painful time of life,
and hope can bring an angel to show the brightest path.
So forget your woes and worries and take some time in life
to send a wish for everyone to a star tonight.

Copyright Darren Goulston


 I'm Married (26/06/2010) and here is also how I got engaged

We took the The Llanberis Path up Mount Snowdon on Tuesday 4th September 2007,
It was lovely weather for it! around half way up the mounting I found avery beautiful spot with an amazing view of the valley below,
At which point I thought this is the perfect place to propose
So I ran on 50 meters over a slight peak, prepared the ring and I had a poem which
unfortunatly I had left back at the hotel.
When Kristy caught up to me, I told her I had a poem for her.
Luckily i had remembered it, which made it even more special as it came directly from the heart!
and after reading the poem, I got down on one knee with ring in hand and proposed.
There was not another person anywhere, and a second seemed like an hour.
to this day I can not remember if she said yes, As I was so nervous, but i believe she did!
we then continued to the peak of snowdon which in its self is an amazing place and well worth it.

The Proposal (read from mount snowdon 04/09/07)

From this mountain top I read this poem
its words have a heavenly ring
we've been through times where we've died inside
but togeather got through these things
no words can describe the passion i pride
for you in everything
but in marrage we'll see that
this loves to be
more eternal than anything.

Copyright 2008 Darren Goulston

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